VJF 2.1 KiEZ Hoelzerner See
Renovate the Lakeside Kids and Teens Recreation Center


Date: 06.08.21 - 23.08.21

Type: RENO/ENVI Places: 20 Teamer: 2

Location: Heidesee, Koenigs Wusterhausen 15 km Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.hoelzerner-see.de


Work: International volunteers are invited to improve the grounds of the centre. Tasks are likely to include construction, gardening, maintenance and renovation works. It is planned to create corners relaxation, to paint playground equipment, to maintain the water playground and similar tasks. Other environmental and construction works are possible. Please be aware that you will not work with children!

Accommodation: You will live in small bungalows. Bed linen will be provided. The sanitary track with showers, WC and a washing machine is situated close to the bungalows.

Close to the sleeping place you will have your own common room, a place to meet and relax in the evening.

Special requirements:

- You will attend a evening event during which you will get to know the different cultures. Please prepare a presentation of your home country. Maybe you can bring some things with you that visualize elements of your culture.

- In this camp you have to be able to ride a bike!





VJF 2.2 AWO Adventure Farm: Animals, Kids and Gardens

Date: 01.09.21 - 16.09.21

Type: RENO Places: 12 Teamer: 2

Location: Brandenburg, Beeskow, Frankfurt (Oder) 30 km Terminal: Berlin

Info: www.awo-erlebnishof-beeskow.de/erlebnishof/unser-hof.html


Work: Different works are to be done to maintain the place. Your help is needed to paint, to build, to repair, to do anything what is necessary on the farm. Please be open for any work! It is very important to bring wet weather clothing as volunteers will work only outside! Please be prepared for any work on the farm to support it. Please be aware that you will not work with children!

Accommodation: You will live in a seperate accomodation close to the workcamp.
Special requirements: In this camp you have to be able to ride a bike!


VJF 2.3 Never forget: Sachsenhausen #1 // Workshop on German NS-History

VJF 2.4 Never forget: Sachsenhausen #2 // Workshop on German NS-History


Date: 11.07.21 - 01.08.21 (both workcamps will take place parallel)

Type: STUDY/ENVI Places: 15 each Teamer: 2 each

Location: Oranienburg 33 km to the north of Berlin Terminal: Berlin

Background: Built in 1936 near Berlin, Sachsenhausen was one of the largest concentration camps in Germany. People from all over Europe were interned at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp for a variety of reasons. The prisoners were forced to work, and many of them were murdered. Between 1945 and 1950 a part of this area was used as a “Special Camp” by the Soviet Secret Service. Now it is a place for education, research, and commemoration as part of Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen.

Info: https://www.sachsenhausen-sbg.de/en/


The work- and study-camp combines practical tasks with history education:

Work part: Volunteers will have the opportunity to work in the depot and in the archive of the memorial site. Other tasks include gardening and of maintenance work on memorial grounds.

Study part: Besides the manual work the study component will be an important part of our project. Participants will learn a lot about the time of National Socialism, ( i.e. the Nazis) - persecution extermination, and  forced labour -as well as about postwar Germany, especially about the  Soviet Special Camp which operated at Sachsenhausen until 1950.

Also different remembrance and memorial cultures will be part of the study. The international volunteers with their different national and cultural backgrounds will share the memories and commemoration of their countries with group and discuss their experiences and opinions with the group. The study part includes an art project “Young Interventions” where participants discuss different forms of remembrance, to help find their own language of remembering. In the art project they will do brief individual art interventions on the memorial site or in the exhibitions to increase, complete, or intervene in the narratives of history.

Guided tours in and around the memorial site Sachsenhausen and excursions to different memorials and places of German history are planned.

Accommodation: You will be accommodated in a youth hostel, 2 km away from the memorial site.

Special requirements: For this project it is necessary to have good or very good English skills. German skills are beneficial. Please prepare at home a short presentation about your country, its remembrance culture and its view on German history. Volunteers should be able to ride a bike, because various shorter and longer bicycle-tours are planned. If you would like to be part of the work- and studycamps 2020, please send us a motivational letter.



VJF 2.7 Never forget: Ravensbrueck // ONLINE // Meet Survivors of the NS-Regime

Date: 02.08.21 - 15.08.21

Type: STUDY/ENVI/ARTS Places: 20 Teamer: 2

Location: online via Facebook and Zoom/Skype

Info: www.ravensbrueck-sbg.de


Study part: As we cannot meet you all in person this year, Educational Services of Ravensbrück Memorial has decided to go digital. Come join us online: We will learn together about the history of the women’s concentration camp Ravensbrück, discuss secret art done by prisoners and create our own art together with professional artists. We will try to meet two female Ravensbrück survivors, hear about their lives and get to know them. Share your thoughts, feelings, your politics and your activism. You are all so far away and yet so close!

Special requirements: For this Workcamp it is necessary to have very good English skills! A motivation letter - specific to this project - is required.




VJF 2.8 Historical Theater

Date: 24.07.21 - 10.08.21

Type: STUDY/ARTS/FEST Places: 12 Teamer: 2

Location: Eberswalde

Background: The host organisation is Community Foundation Barnim-Uckermark. The main goals of this organisation are openness and democratic coexistence in the region. The organisation Community Foundation Barnim-Uckermark promotes these values through education, culture and civic engagement.

Info: www.kanaltheater.de

Work part:
The workcamp is intended to support the resumption of the theatre project "Kidnapped Young Without Me". This play with Polish and German teenagers is about the concentration camp. Volunteers will accompany the play in terms of content and organization. You will tidy up the area, distribute flyers in the city, repair and wash costume parts and set up the technology. Theatre performances is possible.
Study part:
You will learn about the history of the concentration camp and will make a field trip to the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp Memorial.
Special requirements: Openness to an unusual place where memorial culture is combined with punk rock :)