VJF 3.2 BERLIN DEUTSCH CAMP #2: explore language and the capital

Date: 18.10.21 - 28.10.21

Type: LANG Places: 12 Teamer: 2

Location/Terminal: Berlin Schönefeld

Language: German

Accessibility: appropriate for wheel chair user
Fee: 120 € for the duty of the teacher (to be paid in Euro on the arrival -> not for campleaders)

Info: www.vjf.de/Begegnungsstaette


Study part: The Group will have German lessons by a German teacher 3-4 hours in the morning. You will get the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in communication and grammar, depending on your needs and wishes. In the free time excursions to Berlin and its surrounding area are planned. You are asked to communicate only in German in your leisure time to deepen your new learned skills.
Accommodation: You will live in heated bungalows on the ground of the place where you will have the language course. In the bungalows you will find your own bathroom with a shower and WC. You will get bed linen, there is no need to bring a sleeping bag with you. You will have the chance to prepare your own meals in a small kitchen at the centre.
Special Remarks: This course is meant for participants who have already some German skills (minimum A2).





Date: 16.11.21 - 22.11.21
Type: LANG Places: 12 Teamer: 2
Location/Terminal: Berlin Schönefeld
Language: German

Background: VJF is member of several umbrella organisations. One of them is the COORDINATING COMMITTEE FOR INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTARY SERVICE (CCIVS), which is a non-governmental, non-profit making international organization (INGO) working for the development and coordination of voluntary service worldwide. CCIVS main focus is the quest to achieve change in the minds of men and women by bringing together people of different backgrounds. It supports and develops projects based on the idea that working together on a concrete task is the most effective way of creating international friendship and understanding. The projects serve as a catalyst for dialogue as they provide an opportunity to work together according to each person’s ability and to practice living together. In such situations national and international volunteers experience a new reality which can challenge their habits and convictions as well as those of the local community.
For having face-to-face exchange CCIVS has several events through the year. VJF is hosting two of them this year: the general conference and general assembly. The General Assembly is the highest governing body of CCIVS. Around 120 people from all over the world will come to Berlin for networking and making important decisions.
Work: The volunteers help is needed for logistic support before, during and after the events. Please be open for any kind of work, because all the details cannot be foreseen. We need help with the info papers, welcoming participants and give them orientation in the accomodation and with the programme , deal with the technical equipment, take care abput the departure and more. One possible task can be to make the photo documentation and also producing a little docu-video (like in 2016: www.youtu.be/dFHOni6FD0o).