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VJF 7.1 Never forget #6: Who was Adam von Trott zu Solz? Learn About the Resistance Against the NS-Regime


Type: RENO/ENVI Places: 15 Teamer: 2

Location: Imshausen/Bebra, Bad Hersfeld 20 km Terminal: Frankfurt am Main

Info: www.stiftung-adam-von-trott.de/einrichtungen/einrichtungen_main.php


Background: The Stiftung von Adam von Trott zu Solz in Imshausen is was founded 1986 for the remembrance of Adam von Trott zu Solz. He was a resistance fighter during the German NS-Regime and involved in the assassination of Adolf Hitler on 20th July 1944. It failed and Adam von Trott was executed in August. Before he worked in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, travelled a lot and had lots of international connections to Austria, Great Britain, USA, China, Japan, Korea, Mandschurei and many others. The foundation is in the ancestral home of the von Trott-family. The property has 4 buildings from the 18th until 20th century and a huge park area around. The area is used for seminars, meetings, school classes and families.

Work: Renovating the buildings or gardening works on the area around. More details will be announced later.

Accommodation: You will sleep in 2-bed-rooms with a separate bathroom on the area of the foundation. The group will prepare their meals in a huge well-equipped kitchen.

Special requirements: You must be able to ride a bike!



vrstl. 12.08. - 19.08.2020

VJF 7.2 Open-Air Film Festival in Weiterstadt


Type: FEST/RENO Places: 15 Teamer: 2

Location: Weiterstadt, Darmstadt 9km, Frankfurt am Main 30km Terminal: Frankfurt am Main

Info: www.filmfest-weiterstadt.de


Work: The volunteers will help to build-up the area with tents, light and sound equipment and decoration. During the festival is also support needed. Afterwards the participants will help to re-build the area.

Accommodation: You will live in tents on the festival area. Showers are in a Building nearby.