Workcamp: Rackith

Workcamp: Rackith

Informationen für Teamer

Auch für die Saison 2018 suchen wir wieder viele motivierte CampleiterInnen. Bei Interesse melde dich gern bei Dorit. Unten findest du eine Liste aller Camps, bei denen du dich als CampleiterIn/Teamer bewerben kannst.

Ein internationales Workcamp zu leiten ist eine Chance, sich selbst besser kennenzulernen, mit Menschen aus aller Welt zusammenzuleben, in einem interessanten Projekt zu arbeiten, Organisationstalente zu entwickeln, Sprachkenntnisse zu erweitern und das eigene Land aus einem anderen Blickwinkel kennenzulernen.

Zu deinen Aufgaben als Teamer gehören:

  • Du hilfst den TeilnehmerInnen, sich gegenseitig kennenzulernen und sich im für sie fremden Land zu orientieren.
  • Du unterstützt die Gruppe bei der selbständigen Gestaltung des Zusammenlebens.
  • Du hilfst als Orts- und Sprachkundiger, die Freizeit zu organisieren.
  • Du bist Kontaktperson zwischen TeilnehmerInnen, VJF und Projektpartner.
  • Du verwaltest das Campgeld.
  • Du arbeitest freiwillig, Fahrtkosten zur Vorbereitung und zum Camp werden dir erstattet.

Wir helfen:

  • Wir versuchen, für jedes größere Camp zwei CampleiterInnen einzusetzen.
  • Auch im größten Chaos findest du im VJF-Büro offene Ohren und Hilfe.

Offene Projekte für Campleiter (CL)

Wenn du im Sommer Zeit und Lust auf ein Abenteuer mit vielen tollen Menschen aus aller Welt hast, nebenbei noch deine Englischkenntnisse auffrischen und etwas Gutes tun möchtest, dann melde dich bei Dorit (030 / 4285 0603 oder über unser Kontaktformular).

Unsere Campleiterschulung wird im Zeitraum 29.06.-01.07. 2018 in Berlin stattfinden. Unmittelbar vor Campbeginn erfolgt dazu noch eine ca. einstündige Campeinweisung bei uns im VJF-Büro.


In diesen Projekten werden Teamer / Campleiter gesucht


VJF 1.1          Broellin         06/07-20/07/2018       RENO/CONS       12 vols

Work The little village of Broellin is situated in the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, close to the Polish border. The nearest town Pasewalk is about 6 km away and the closest big town is Neubrandenburg, about 50 km away. In the surrounding area you’ll find many forests and farms. Please be prepared for a small, isolated but very nice location in the middle of nowhere!

Every year at Schloss Broellin (Broellin castle) artists meet to run international art workshops, festivals and other events. The aim is to provide a meeting place for artists and the public. Artists present their work and exchange ideas with colleagues. Cultural youth work is an important part of the activities at Schloss Broellin. Workshops on theatre, painting and Hip-Hop take place during the workcamp, in the time from 6th July until 15th July 2018. You will have the chance to meet the youngsters who will be involved in the workshops during the meals or in the evenings.

Location: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,

Terminal: Berlin or Hamburg

Meeting point and time: 18:30 in front of the train station Pasewalk

Accommodation: The volunteers will be accommodated in shared rooms in a building.

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 1.2 Wooster Teerofen             20/08-02/09/18          ENVI            9 vols

Work: Your work will include different activities in a natural park like to build an apiary, to help farmers or similar works. Your help is also needed for maintenance works, e. g. on orchid meadows, in forests or on a bird island.

This project is especially for nature lovers. Please be prepared to work 5-6 hours a day. Volunteers should come prepared for light or heavy work and be motivated for anything to help the rangers of the Nature Reserve.

Location: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Krakow am See 15 km, Guestrow 30 km

Terminal: Berlin or Hamburg

Meeting point and time: Bus station in Krakow am See, during the day (You will be picked up, so please inform us about your arrival time.)

Accommodation: You will live on a camping site close to a very nice lake. You will sleep in tents (2 persons per tents) on camping beds with mattresses. A kitchen, sanitary facilities and a big meeting room are provided on the camping site.

Special requirements: You have to be able to ride a bike!

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 1.3          Dreiluetzow         06/08 -19/08/18     CONS / FEST     15 vols

Work: The main work during the camp will be the preparation of the light festival; which will be on the last Wednesday. At the light festival the whole park will be lightened by candles and fire and at different places there will be theatre, music and installations. Preparation works have to be done, such as building up tents, carrying things, playing music to practise for the event, painting signs and so on. Here we need your handicraft and creative ideas to prepare a little program as a part of the festival. The projects depend on the dynamics of the participants! If you play a musical instrument, it would be great if you bring it with you!

Location: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin 25 km

Terminal: Berlin or Hamburg

Meeting point and time: Bus station in Wittenburg Steintor at 1:15 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. (You will be picked up at the bus station.)

Accommodation: The volunteers will live in multi-bed rooms (4-9 beds in a room) in a little building next to the castle.

Special requirements:  It is absolutely necessary to stay until the last day. Early departures are not accepted!

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 2.2  Beeskow                           14/09-03/10/18            RENO             11 vols

Work: Different works are to be done to maintain the place. Your help is needed to paint, to build, to repair, to do anything what is necessary on the farm. Please be open for any work! It is very important to bring wet weather clothing as volunteers will work only outside! Please be prepared for any work on the farm to support it.

Please be aware that you will not work with children!

Location: Brandenburg, Beeskow, Frankfurt (Oder) 30 km

Terminal: Berlin

Meeting point and time: During the day in the project place

Accommodation: You will live in rooms with 4-6 people.

Special requirements: In this camp you have to be able to ride a bike!

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 2.3 Sachsenhausen 1               23/07-12/08/18        STUDY/ENVI   15 vols   

VJF 2.4 Sachsenhausen 2               30/07-19/08/18        STUDY/ENVI   15 vols

VJF 2.5 Sachsenhausen 3     13/08-02/09/18        STUDY/ENVI   15 vols

Sachsenhausen was one of the earliest concentration camps in Germany, built in 1936. For example German people who were in opposition to Nazi policy, homosexuals, so-called asocials, criminals, Jews, and during the war especially people from occupied countries were imprisoned, forced to work and a lot of them were murdered.

Between 1945 and 1950 a part of this area was used as a so-called Special Camp of the Soviet Secret Service.

Now it is a place for studies and to commemorate the victims: the memorial site “Gedenkstaette and Museum Sachsenhausen” (“Memorial and Museum Sachsenhausen”). Please inform yourself before the camp on this site:

Work part: Although the main task will be studies of history, manual work like gardening, maintenance work and cleaning-up of specific areas of the memorial are planned.

Study part: Besides the manual work the study component will be an important part of our project. Volunteers will learn a lot about the time of National Socialism, the Holocaust and also something about the period after World War II especially the Soviet camp Sachsenhausen until 1950. Guided tours in and around the memorial site Sachsenhausen and excursions to different memorials and places of earlier German history are planned. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work in the exhibitions and in the library of the memorial site. Furthermore there will be several discussions with employees who perform guided tours and are involved in historical research. The international volunteers with their different backgrounds will inform the group about the memories and commemoration in their countries.

Location: Brandenburg, Oranienburg, ca. 33 km to the north of Berlin.

Terminal: Berlin

Meeting point and time: During the day in the accommodation

Accommodation: You will be accommodated in a youth hostel, 2 km away from the memorial centre.

Special requirements: For this project it is necessary to have good or very good English skills!!! German skills are beneficial.

Please prepare at home a short presentation about your country, including the history of your home country and the view on German history.

A motivation letter - specific to this project- is required.

Volunteers should be able to ride a bike, because various shorter and longer bicycle-tours are planned.

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 2.7 Ravensbrueck         30/07-12/08/18     STUDY/ENVI        15 vols


In this year, the project in Ravensbrück will continue to connect practical work and study with youth meetings.

In the memorial, there are many possibilities to read about the history of the women’s concentration camp and about the background of fascism. Volunteers can use materials from the library and the archives in different languages. A main topic for the study part will be the special camp, where the participants work.

The VJF-group is likely meeting survivors of Ravensbrück Concentration Camp in the Generationenforum (panel of generations) and will parallel participate – in commemoration of Ravensbrück – in the performance-project Sound in the Silence. All participants are encouraged to join study groups on the topics of Creative Writing, Theatre, Dance and Sound, where they can develop creative content with others as a part of the performance.

You will also participate in the 14th “Ravensbruecker Genereationenforum”, a meeting with former inmates from Israel, Hungary and England, from 5 to 8 August 2018. Your performance will include the fates of the time witnesses you will meet and will be presented in the Generationenforum.

The group will do some maintaining work on the area of the women's concentration camp. There are many different tasks to be done: cleaning the area of wild growing vegetation, environmental work and investigation work. Your help will be needed to clean sculptures, to prepare a working site and to do other works outside.

Location: Brandenburg, Fuerstenberg/Havel

Terminal: Berlin

Meeting point and time: During the day in the Youth Hostel Ravensbrueck

Accommodation: You will live in a youth hostel near the Ravensbrueck memorial. The rooms are very comfortable; a maximum of 4 persons will live in one room. Shower and toilets are next to the rooms. Bed linen will be provided.

Special requirements: For this Workcamp it is necessary to have very good English skills!

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 2.8   Liepnitzinsel 1         16/07-27/07/18    ENVI/CONS         10 vols

Work: The main works will be done in the wood. The volunteers will do various environmental works as well as renovation and construction works on the island and in the forests around the island. Possible tasks are removing bushes and invasive small tree species, collecting rubbish and wood, repairing works and so on. Volunteers should be prepared to be flexible and take part in any work that will support the foresters.  

Location: On the island without electricity; Brandenburg, Bernau (bei Berlin 15 km)

Terminal: Berlin

Meeting point and time: S-Bahn /Train station Bernau (bei Berlin) at 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. (You will be picked up from the foresters and brought to the island.)

Accommodation: Your accommodation will be very basic. You will sleep in three large tents on camp beds. The infrastructure on the island is very basic without electricity and warm water, not even a warm shower. There is no heating in the tents and on the island you have to use compost toilets. The accommodation is quite isolated so volunteers should come with ideas about how to entertain themselves in the evenings! The foresters of the project have built a nice and comfortable block house where the group will meet and eat

Special remarks: The island is very isolated and you have to be a real nature lover to participate in this project. You have to use the ferry every day and it stops running about 8 p.m. Please be prepared to not be able to visit Berlin very often! On the island live many permanent campers during the summer. Please respect them.

Special requirements: You have to be able to swim!

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 3.3  Berlin-Sprachcamp 2        13/08-22/08/18       LANG        12 vols              

Studienteil: Die Gruppe wird von einer ausgebildeten muttersprachlichen Lehrerin 3 Stunden am Vormittag Deutschunterricht erhalten. Es werden Grammatik und Kommunikation vertieft, je nach Wunsch und Bedarf der Teilnehmer.

In der Freizeit sind Exkursionen durch Berlin und in die naehere Umgebung geplant. Es ist vorgesehen, dass die Teilnehmer auch in der Freizeit Deutsch miteinander kommunizieren werden, um den Unterrichtsstoff zu vertiefen.

Ort: Berlin

Naechster Flughafen/Bahnhof: Berlin Schoenefeld / Berlin

Treffpunkt und –zeit: Im Projekt, ab 12 Uhr

Unterbringung: Die Teilnehmer werden in beheizbaren Bungalows auf dem Gelaende der Projekt- und Begegnungsstaette schlafen. In den Bungalows gibt es ein separates Bad mit Dusche und WC. Es werden maximal 6 maennliche oder weibliche Teilnehmer in einem Bungalow wohnen. Bettwaesche bekommst du im Objekt, du brauchst keinen Schlafsack mitzubringen.

Hinweis: Dieser Kurs ist fuer absolute Beginner ungeeignet, es sollten schon Sprachkenntnisse (Minimum: A2) vorhanden sein.     

Language: German    

Studying part: The Group will have German lessons by a native speaker German teacher 3 hours in the morning. You will get the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in communication and grammar, depending on your needs and wishes.

In the free time excursions to Berlin and its surrounding area are planned. You are asked to communicate only in German in your leisure time to deepen your new learned skills.

Location: Berlin

Terminal/Station: Berlin Schoenefeld / Berlin

Meeting point and time: In the project, during the day from 12 p.m.

Accommodation: You will live in heated bungalows with up to 6 girls or boys on the ground of the place where you will have the language course. In the bungalows you will find your own bathroom with a shower and WC. You will get bed linen, there is no need to bring a sleeping bag with you.

Remarks: This course is meant for participants who have already some German skills (minimum A2).

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 3.4 Maxim            25/06-14/07/2018               FEST / RENO              15 vols

Work: During the first week, you will help to prepare and run an international drumming festival for children, youngsters and families called “RAKATAK".  It will be run 1July 2018. In the previous years, 7000 visitors were present at the festival. Your help will be needed to prepare, to run and afterwards to clean the site.

Another task of this project will take place during the 2nd week in the youth club “Maxim”. The main work will be designing the façade of the youth club. Your help will be also needed to renovate and maintain the building and its surrounding grounds, like painting inside or outside, digging, gardening in the climate garden or re/constructing.

Please be prepared for hard physical work from time to time!

Location/Terminal: Berlin

Meeting point and time: In the youth club; during the day from 10 a.m.

Accommodation: During the festival time you will sleep on your foam mattress in your sleeping bag, so please do not forget them! In the youth club, there will be 2 rooms available. You will sleep on the floor on a mattress in your sleeping bag. Your quarters will be very modest, but of course, there is a kitchen and bathrooms. However, the youth club is a nice place to work, live and party.

Special requirements: You have to be able to ride a bike

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 3.5 Berlin Krimiweg     02/07-12/07/18         RENO           12 vols

Work: Your help is needed to make the “project and meeting centre” more attractive for all our visitors - children, teenagers, students, artists and different groups of adults. The volunteers are asked to paint, repair, renovate and clean the centre, as well as working in the garden. Please be prepared for different tasks.

Location/Terminal: Berlin Schoenefeld / Berlin

Meeting point and time: In the project during the day from 12 p.m.

Accommodation: You will live in bungalows

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 3.6     KFSR Berlin             13/08-24/08/18      RENO/STUDY     12 vols 


You will work and spend your free time closely together with the KFSR (Kaempfer und Freunde der Spanischen Republik 1936-1939 e,V.), an Association of Survivors of the Spanish Civil war, their children, grandchildren and their friends. The International Brigades in Spain in the time 1936-39 were supported by many nationalities and the KFSR is active to foster and cherish the memories of the volunteers from different countries, who travelled to Spain in order to fight for the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War.


You will work on Friedrichsfelde Central Cemetery, where, among many others, survivors of the Spanish Civil War and their families are buried. Your first task is writing down the names, which can be read on the gravestones. If they are not readable anymore, you will help to clean them and to paint over the names under professional guidance.

Besides the work on the cemetery, you will go on a guided tour through the Cemetery, which is not only a cemetery, but also a park. You will meet and talk to descendants of former Brigadists, go on a guided antifascist city walk, have a reading and discussion with Victor Grossman and other persons. We ask you to being open to the topic.

Location/Terminal: Berlin Schoenefeld / Berlin

Meeting point and time: In the project, during the day from 12 p.m.

Accommodation: You will live in heated bungalows with up to 6 girls or boys. The bungalows are equipped with a bathroom. You will get bed linen, there is no need to bring a sleeping bag with you.

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 4.1  Lutherstadt Wittenberg   05/08-25/08/18     ARTS/CONS      10 vols

Work: During the 1st week of your workcamp a “Creative Workshop” is planned, under the instruction of an artist from Halle/Saale. You will work creatively with colours, paper and fabrics in the rooms of the Cranach Courtyards Here you can find more information:

You will get the opportunity to learn more about the story of Luther and Cranach.

In the next two weeks, you will do construction and maintenance works in the forest of Wittenberg, like repairing and building wooden constructions on playgrounds, renewing fences or animal enclosures. Volunteers should be prepared to be flexible and take part in any work that will support the project.

During the weeks outside you will go to the work by bike everyday. Therefore, it is REALLY important that you are able to ride a bicycle!

Location: Sachsen-Anhalt, Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Terminal: Berlin or Halle/Leipzig

Meeting point and time: Train station of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, during the day (The project partner will pick you up and bring you to the accommodation.)

Accommodation: You will live in 2-3 bedrooms. Bed linen will be provided; there is no need to bring a sleeping bag.

Special requirements: You have to be able to ride a bike.

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 6.1 Jena                 18/08 – 02/09/18                            ENVI            15 vols

Work: In the first week, you will work with local foresters in the wood of Jena. You tasks will include various environmental works, e.g. maintaining footpaths, lookout points and shelters. Your help will be needed for different nature protection projects. Please be prepared for environmental works to help the rangers only outside.

In the second week, the volunteers will help the environmental organisation “Fuchsturmgesellschaft” to chop down trees for a better visibility and let a bright landscape appear from the way leading to the tower and maintenance work in the flora-fauna habitat. Your help will be needed in the Education Path; also, huts need renovation or maintenance.

This is a camp for nature lovers! Work can be physically challenging at times.

Location: Jena

Terminal: Leipzig or Berlin

Meeting point and time: During the day in the accommodation

Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated in an isolated hostel on a hill in the Western part of Jena. Each room has 10 beds and your only neighbours will be the woodland animals.

Age limit: 18-26 years



VJF 6.6   Ranis         03/09 – 21/09/18             CONS/RENO                10 vols

Work: International volunteers are invited to improve the grounds of a nice leisure centre. Tasks are likely to include construction and renovation works. One of the most important works will be renovating the animal enclosures. Another task will be finishing the work of last year’s workcamp, designing the recreation room with pool, darts and so one.

 Other environmental and construction works outside and inside are possible, please be open for any other work. Interest in artisanship and creativity are welcome!

Location: Thueringen, 20 km from Saalfeld

Terminal: Leipzig or Berlin

Meeting point and time: During the day in the accommodation

Accommodation: You will live in a Guesthouse. Up to 5 volunteers will share a room, bed linen will be provided. The group will have its own common room.

Age limit: 18-26 years



Bitte melde dich bei Interesse an einer Campleitung im Sommer 2018. 

Bei Fragen melde dich bitte bei Dorit, entweder über das Kontaktformular oder telefonisch: 030 / 42850603.